Come To

Rhode Island

Welcome to Rhode Island

Welcome to Rhode Island! A beautiful place surrounded by ocean located in the New England Reign. There are many reasons why you would live along, happy, wealthy life here

  1. If you're a fishermen, you're in luck! We're surrounded by ocean and rivers
  2. Trading is great! Like we said we're surrounded by ocean, making trade very easy
  3. You're a miner? Great! We have two large iron deposits
  4. There aren't too many things to be farmed (or too many places to farm in) but if you want potatoes, apples, and corn are great!
  5. The climate here is rather mild. Summers are not too hot and winter is not too cold


The Geography o f Rhode Isalnd

Rhode is surround by lakes, rivers, and the ocean! Soil here isn't too good but we sure make up for it in what we have under ground. We have two large iron deposits(great for you mineral seeking fellows). There's lots of fish you can catch here! From Stripers in the summer to Blue fish in the fall.

Background on Our Founder

Rodger Williams

Rhode Island was founded by Rodger Williams in 1636. He founded Rhode Island was founded because Rodger Williams was cast out from his home, Massachusetts Bay because of his religion.


Rhode Island has few natural resources. So it's just the place for you clever, hard working sort . Our income comes in mostly through fishing.

Rhode Island Religoin

Here is Rhode Island you are free of religious prosecution. Rodger Williams, our founder founded this place trying to escape from it himself. Though we are mostly a persistent community we are currently gaining more Jewish member and we have very many Roman Catholics.

Government Structure

We are a like most colonels we are a patriarchy ( a male run society). We are also a representative society. All white men who own homes are allowed to vote.

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