Ventana Vistas

August 28-September 1, 2017

Name Cards for Pick Up Line

Please put your family name card in the window to help expedite the pick-up process.

We use the name card to call out your child's name and direct them to a spot to meet you. We will show you which spot your child will be at with our hands. For example, we call on the radio "Sam Mulay, Spot 2." Then we show you the number two with our hands and that is where your child will meet you. The spots are marked with signs at orange cones on the sidewalk. The staff will help get your child to the correct spot to wait for you there.

Thanks for your patience in the parking lot! Keep breathing and relaxing and smiling! Since additional bus riders were approved on Monday, things have been going very smoothly!

No School on Monday 9/4

Celebrate Labor Day by not working at all! Enjoy an extra day of rest and relaxation.

Tuesday 9/5 No Early Release

Due to the Labor Day holiday, we will NOT have early release on Tuesday. Instead classes will be meeting with their buddy classes to explore how students at Ventana Vista show responsibility!

Community Announcements

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