New Factories

By: Maddie G

Labor System

factory owners wanted their new machines to be running constantly and producing a steady rate. So he or she created shifts.

Workers From Where?

Early factory workers came from rural areas, where they were used to periods of hectic work, followed by periods of inactivity. Factory owners had to create a system of work discipline.

Work Discipline

Employees had to get used to working regular hours and doing the same stuff over and over. Adult workers were fined for being late and were dismissed for serious misconduct, especially for being drunk. Child workers were often beaten. One early industrialist said that his aim was "to make men into machines that cannot error."

Child Workers?

There were plenty of them in orphanages and they could be replaced easily if accidents did occur they were much cheaper than adults. A factory owner did not have to pay them as much they were small enough to crawl under machinery to tie up broken threads they were young enough to be bullied by 'strappers'.

Strapper: A large heavy set man.