San Juan

Puerto Rico


very popular tourist destination because of its location and warm atmosphere

its located in the Carribean and is about 1,000 miles from southeast Miami Florida

latitude-18 degrees 15" N

longitude-66 degrees 30" W

warm climate


First explored by Christopher Columbus.

A series of hurricanes and the Great Depression had a profound effect on the economy of the city and the island in general.

The Spanish American War which broke loose in 1898.

San Juan did not take part much in the independence moves of the early nineteenth century.

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In San Juan you can go visit old Spanish buildings, roads, restaurants, beaches and many more attractions.
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-are a mixture of a native Taino Indians, Spanish conquistadores and African slaves

-very festive and warm

-some of the traditional music originated with the Taino people.

-dances such as the salsa, merengue, danza, plena, bomba go back to the European contact

the music styles are a blend of Spanish, African, and other European cultures.


3,706,690 in 2014 and slowly rises and falls


Republican form of government


Spanish is the dominant language, although, some English is also spoken.


The citizens of San Juan mostly like to play baseball, but also bike and skate.

Usually soccer is common in Spanish countries but not in San Juan.

Education sytem

Obligatory between 6 to 17 years old.

School term starts in august-December. Then January-May.

English is taught from kindergarten to high school.

Private schools have all English classes except Spanish class.

Industrial Center

Most important ports in the Caribbean has facilities for oil refining, sugar processing, and brewing.