Economy of Bogata'

by Madison thomas

While visiting Bogata' in Columbia, I had Gustavo Pedro, the mayor of Bogata', tell me more about their economy.

Bogata' is the main economic and industries center of Columbia. Its commerical GDP grew by 10.3% annually, accounting for 25.3% of the GDP national trade. However the unemployment rate reached 11.3% and a 31.6% underemployment. Bogata has the largest industry centers of Latin America. Columbian government supports the import of capital goods. Several multinational companies have established their regional opperations here during the last decades, however, the distance from the ports reduces the competitive advantages for exporting. Industrial products of 248,000 companies available to Bogata' .78% are linked to service activities contributing to 76% employment and 79% of the GDP. Peunto, Aranda, Fontibon, Kennedy, Los Martires and Barrios Unidos and Engativa are all the highest concentrations of industrial establishments. Imports are from food industries, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, publishing and mental working. The United States is the main trading partner for Bogata', followed by the European union.