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Japanese Forestry Management in the 1600's

Stradagies and Benfits of this time

There was many stradegies as they didn't allow imported wood. Wood and timber was used to build houses, castle and also used for fires. They also used wood for a fuel in industries. Wood had to be perserved as people needed it as that was what most houses where made out of but they had to save trees and then there would be more landslides and less oxygen and more carbon dioxide but this is just a scientific point of view!

In this time and logging which is cutting timber without permission ended up becoming a serious crime in that time. Only the shogun or the daimyo where the only ones authorise the use of wood. Reforms where introduced to protect seedlings and to insure selective cutting of trees. Towards the end of the 17th century cities had become more populated meaning higher demand of timber. Since it is forbidden to import timber from other countries they had to cut down more trees but this was very difficult for them as they had to perserve the prescious trees but cutting down trees without permission from the feudal lords also the damyo you have then committed a serious crime!

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