Chris Hadfield Secondary School

Dania, Jason, and Rahul

Chris Hadfield Brief Biography

Chris Hadfield is a famous Canadian astronaut that was born on August 29, 1959. His passion for flying has allowed to become one of the greatest astronaut alive. His passion and determination is what got him to fulfill a remarkable accomplishment of staying in the moon for five months. Chris is also known widely for his tweets sent out from the ISS. Overall, Chris is a great inspiration for the 21st century with his passion and determination for aerospace engineering.
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Why Chris Hadfield Secondary School?

Chris Hadfield connects to aerospace research as he is famous Canadian astronaut. We want our school to focus on aviation and twenty first century technological advances. We want to motivate our students to explore and think outside the box. Our goal is also to encourage students to chase their dreams as Hadfield's dream was to become an astronaut despite the fact that there was not a Canadian based aerospace institute.
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Our School's Logo

The logo of our school represents the school staff working together to ensure students soar to success. We chose to have a visual logo as it is the simplest way to represent a school; we also want our school to be recognized by the logo. The maple leaf is incorporated with red colour to represent Canadian identity and also represents patriotism towards Canada. Additionally the three jets represents the school staff leading students to success which is shown with the bigger plan leading to smaller plane to new heights. Another reason of choosing the jets to represent is because Chris Hadfield job is related to aeropsace engineering and therefore we chose to select a logo which incorporated part of his job and in this case we used jets. Therefore, our overall logo incorporates all the factors, features and symbols to form the logo to represent Chris Hadfield public school.

School Slogan: Soar to New Heights

Since our school is named after a famous Canadian astronaut, our short and catchy slogan, soar to new heights, carries the value of space and student success.