Vegetable Garden Ministry

Weekly Newsletter 10/4/19

Upcoming Events:

Saturday Gardening

Saturday, Oct. 5th, 8am

Saint Michael Vegetable Garden

Join us for watering and harvesting!

Got Leaves?!

It's that time your leaves for compost! Please ensure they are "clean" with no chemically treated grass, etc. Thank you!

Photo Gallery

All photos & captions provided by Helen Bradley. Thank you!

<< Helen, still trying to figure out how to take a "selfie" ;)

We want to celebrate YOU!

Please click the link below OR reply to this email to add your birthday to the spreadsheet:

Note: The link may not work if using your phone. Please use a computer to access the spreadsheet.

Thank you!

Need urgent assistance?

Contact the Vegetable Garden Ministry:

  • Lead: Audrey Brandt- 817-354-5676
  • Co-Lead: Joe Bechtel- 817-995-2357

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