3 Gods & Godesses from The Titans

By: Brittney Hawkins & Endia Pruitt


King of all Gods. He is known for being very wise but he can be very foolish. He wasn't very loyal to his wife either. He is very important because he helps different people and the most important god out there. He could also be selfish and cruel. His symbol is the lightning bolt. He gave laws and morals. He is a big part in the Greek Mythology.


Hera is the goddesses of women. She is important because she is the protector of women. She is also known for her beauty. She is also very jealous of all of her husbands affairs.

Her symbol is a peacock . She can be sweet but she can also be very anger and jealous. Some people like her but some women dont. But Hera is very important especially to women.


Poseidon is the ruler of all seas. He is the god of Earthquakes and Hurricanes.

He is related to Zeus & Hades. His parents are Cruncus and Rhea. He is represented or his symbol is a Trident. He is also known for driving in a golden chorioit. His characteristics are that he is either calm or stormy. He also has a short temper.