Black Power

By: Taylor Hyde


In the late 1960's:
  • Kids at the average age of 19, who were fighting for racial equality
  • Militant tone but they sent out a rallying cry for justice
  • Rallying cry was because of black affairs
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  • These Black Panthers were heavily influenced by Malcolm X
  • Weren't taken seriously so they walked around with shotguns
  • Had a sense of self worth even if the government wont take them seriously
  • Wanted to lift up moral standards
  • Often spoke that "violence is a cleansing force"
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Panther's Opinions

They wanted to control their own destinies:

  • "Self-defense" policy
  • "Brothers" and "sisters" are equal
  • Women have leadership
  • "Free natives"
  • Thought they had been "dominated, distorted, and nearly destroyed" by whites.

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Peaceful approaches were more successful:
  • Whites felt the panthers were trying to take away their power
  • Thought of as a threat
  • Radical groups in the media were unsuccessful
  • Un-trusted because they resorted to violence
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