Processing New Books

How to process new books

Step 1:

-Open the box that was shipped

-Organize the books by their call number (located on the outer side of the book)

-Check off books from the packing list to ensure that all books are in and the order is complete.

*in the event that a book is not checked off the list because it was not in the box, let the media clerk know

Step 2:

-Go to the circulation desk

-Check to make sure you are under the circulation tab, if not click circulation at the top

-Go to "Copy Status" located on the left hand side of the screen

Step 3:

-Use the scanner to scan the bar code on the back of each book

-Verify titles by looking to see if the title on the screen matches the one on the book you scanned

-Ask Media Clerk for "Berkmar High School" stamp

-Stamp the top and first page of each book


After books are scanned and stamped, a display can be made for all new books!
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