First Grade Rules!

For the Week of 11/30/15

This week in first grade....

We reviewed fiction text. We read The Big Circle as a whole group and discussed our question of the "How do animal communities help each other?" We read fiction books independently as well as in small groups.

In Math we continued with our Chapter 4 unit on subtraction strategies. We learned about using number lines, counting back, using doubles to help and how addition and subtraction are related. We also worked in centers which focused on vocabulary, First in Math, and critical thinking.

In Social Studies, we learned about map skills. We learned about different types of maps and what some of them show us. We learned about a compass rose and map key and how it can help the reader find different places. We followed directions to located things on a map using NSEW (never eat soggy waffles) Finally, we were paired up and had to follow directions to create our own map. We also wrote down directions for others to follow and created an educreation on what we learned. All maps will bet out in the hallway by Tuesday. Miss Monteiro and I decided that we will be having the map skills test on Monday instead of today. Your child should be familiar with North, South , East and West and should be able to distinguish between a compass rose and a map key.

Julia was in the SPOTlight!!!

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We learned that Julia wants to be a teacher when she grows up and spends lots of time in Chincoteague VA and in Hammersley Fork Pa

Congratulations to Jackson he earned lunch bunch for Responsibility month!

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Making Maps!

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Holiday Cookie Party!

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, 9am


Electives started today!!! The kids had a blast! I am teaching Lego Club this quarter so if you are in Lego club your are extra lucky!!! Haha!

Have a great weekend!!!