Causes of Alcoholism

Just because your friends do it, dosen't mean you should too

Why is alcohol addictive?

One step leads to another......

First, it causes a release in serotonin.

Next, the serotonin causes feelings of relaxation.

That relaxation makes people want to keep drinking alcohol.

Over time your body gets use to the effects and it is no longer pleasing to you.

After a while, you are addicted.

That is the short explanation of why it is addictive.

Why are some people more likely to get addicted to alcohol?

Everything has a reason

People with mental or anxiety disorders are more likely to become addicted. Their reason? They probably want to use that relaxation to help relive their anxiety.

Everyone's body is different. Different bodies take everything differently. Some people will get addicted after a couple of tries, and some will take many more drinks.

What causes alcoholism?

What's the cause?

Alcoholism cannot be caused by families. However, Families can have to do with alcoholism. If someone in your family drinks heavily, you could be influenced by them and more likely to drink too.

Also, your surroundings, social life, and genetic factors can change these factors. If you are stressed, you can make choices you don't want to and can drink to relive the stress. But what they probably don't know is that it will just make your situations worse.

Treating Alcoholism


You can't just treat alcoholism. So how do you?

Disulfiram is a chemical that makes you feel sick if you drink alcohol.

Step 1 to curing: Take disulfiram

Step 2: When you drink alcohol, you will feel nauseous and dizzy.

Step 3: You don't want to feel sick anymore, so you don't drink alcohol.