Mary of Plymouth Final Project

By: Marie

Begininng of Mary of Plymouth

There are people wanting to woship their own god. They came aboard a ship called the Mayflower. One of the girls on the ship is named Mary. Mary is the narratorr of this story.

The Middle of the Book

As the pilgrims are settling in the New world. They get to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving. They have fun by playing stoolball. Then a ship called the Fortune arrives and they don't bring a lot of food for the pilgrims. They also get a threat for the Nassagett colony.

The End of the Book

Mary learns about the school costoms. After not having cheese, butter, and milk for 4 years Master Winslow brings cows to the new world. There is a lot of smoke and it clouds up the whole class. Mary has to write on birch-bark instead of using paper. There was many punishments. Such as tattling sticks, whispering sticks, and dunce caps