Class Divisions in The South

The Classes

Why did they start it?

-Many white people believed that blacks were just made for plantations. Others disagreed and thought they were just people nothing more.

-The upper class thought of the Lower class as nothing and they just ignored them.

Different types of classes.

-The Rabble Class was also know as the KKK or Ku Klux Klan. They strongly believed in segregation and thought blacks belonged on the plantations.

-The Upper Class was effected in the Great Depression, they lost money and some lost their jobs.

-Conservative class were a small group of white people who help teach blacks about the Holy Bible.

Pictures of The Differences

Why were there Class Divisions in the South?

-There were class divisions because people had different beliefs and thoughts on others.They thought blacks were made for working in the fields and were not really people.

-The upper class thought the lower class were just people who did nothing and beg for money.

-The lower class thought that the upper class were just spoiled people who got whatever they wanted.