Part #1: Team Talkie

What's the motive behind Voxing?

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Create positive peer pressure.

  • Empower:
  1. Everyone has an equal voice on the thread.
  2. Track your runners and ask them to share ideas on the thread, build them up!
  3. Track who's quiet and check-in with them, remind them what's possible!

  • Motivate:
  1. Everyone can rise/qualify/bonus/promote whenever they CHOOSE to!
  2. Share success stories and best practice tips from other threads you're on!
  3. Nuts and bolts, announcements, and call info can't be shared too much!

  • Inspire:
  1. Make them believe you! Give them no choice.
  2. Post a favorite quote once or twice a week.
  3. Share a favorite story, DA, or personal memory that ties into the goal at hand...overcoming the odds.


  1. Make a list of all the topics you want to cover at the beginning of the week.
  2. Try to Vox within the same window of time every day so people can depend on it.
  3. Celebrate people, announce events, call people out on good ideas EVERY week!
  4. Tell team what you're working on, personal growth, etc. Suggest a book or call weekly.

Create a place where the team feels safe, loved, celebrated, & challenged.