Library Lesson for Grades 5 and 6

The Swiss Family Robinson

Lesson Objectives

The students will conduct research to gather information about an animal they have read about in The Swiss Family Robinson. They will make a list of facts about that animal.

Mrs. Lunsford's virtual e-mail hours for help on this assignment are Tuesday, May 17, from 4:00--6:00 pm and Friday, May 20, from 2:45--4:45 pm.


30 minutes


Hello, students! This is Mrs. Lunsford. We have been reading about some interesting animals in The Swiss Family Robinson. Your library lesson will involve doing some research about one of those animals.


In the story, The Swiss Family Robinson, the family is shipwrecked on an unnamed island. They find many different kinds of animals there. These animals serve many purposes, including providing food, being used for work, being ridden for transportation, and helping the family hunt. Some of the animals have put the family in danger. Animals that you might research include the flamingo, porcupine, kangaroo, komodo dragon, boa constrictor, buffalo, tortoise, and ostrich.

You are going to choose an animal that interests you and do some research about it. Then you are going to share some facts that you have learned about that animal.


1) Choose an animal from the list to research.

2) You can use the link I have provided to go to National Geographic for information, or

you can use another source. To use the National Geographic site, click on the link below. When you get to the site, type the animal you are looking for in the "search" box and click on "search." Then click on the animal's name in the top box. That will show a picture of the animal and give you information about it. Scroll down for more information.

3) Make a list of 10 facts about that animal. You might include size, habitat, diet,

whether the animal is endangered or protected, enemies, life span, or any other

interesting facts you find. You will find a paper in the packet your teacher gave you that you can use to list your animal and the facts you have learned about it, or you may type your list using your computer. If you type your list, make sure you tell what animal you have researched.

4) Turn your facts sheet in to Mrs. Lunsford.


You will turn your facts sheet in to Mrs. Lunsford, and when your class comes to the library, you will be able to share your information with the other students in your class. This will show that you have completed the assignment.