Quest 2

Available now - June 20 at 11:59 pm

Le'ts take a moment to recap from the last 2 weeks. During the last weeks you studied in depth domain 1 of Danielson's Framework for Teaching. This domain was all about planning and prep. It had embedded within it 6 components. We created many technology artifacts for this domain and reviewed several tools that can help us. My goal is to have your assignments from Quest 1 complete by Wednesday with video feedback - so be checking your gmail for video feedback.

Looking ahead to this week..

During this week we will be focusing upon domain 2 - classroom environment. All quest assignments are to be uploaded in your digital portfolio and in the LMS by Saturday June 20th at 11:59 PM.
  • Quest 2.1 - Creating an environment of respect and rapport and creating a culture of learning
  • Quest 2.2 Managing student behavior
  • Quest 2.3 Managing classroom procedures
  • Quest 2.4 Organizing the physical space

During these quests you will have 3 badge opportunities which include:

  • Badge 3 - Rules poster
  • Badge 4 - Thinglink + Canva = Too cool for school
  • Badge 6- Virtual conference

*Note instead of doing explore tweets you may participate in 4 educational twitter chats. OR you can do both. Just upload a screenshot of your participation in the chats to the explore tweets.*

Need assistance?

If you need assistance during this quest please feel free to email, tweet, or chat me in Google. I am available this week for the most part 9:00 - 4:00 - but I will post in Schoology specific times and dates. If you would like feedback on any assignment thus far please email it to me by Wednesday at noon and I will look at anything you would like, provide you with video feedback - but no grade.