Create Unit Capstone

GAVS TOOL Unit 4 Summary- Alan Hendrick

Creation Unit Summary

Besides creating Differentiated Teaching Items or Remediation Items (which I’ve used for many years in the special education classroom), this unit challenged me to think about new ways to present material to students, such as making Concept Maps or Portable Learning Units. I had utilized material from other websites before, but the idea of constructing my own portable learning unit online is very new. As I was working on this unit, it made me think more about the appearance of my work for examples I present to students and ways to enhance it. I had previously realized that gaining a student’s attention with an eye-catching image on a news items was important, but now I am using images in my feedback to students as well to get their attention as well.

I think the fundamental problem for me with creating more graphical representations of math problems and using video or images more in my teaching has always been the thought, “that is how women teach.” I was always proud of how I could teach so many math concepts with a stick, some rocks, and a sandbox if I could not use any other tools. I thought making the learning process as simple as possible was always the best approach. Then in 2011, I quickly discovered this approach does not work in the online environment, and I needed to become more creative. It’s been a struggle to let go of my preconceptions about creative teaching and embrace its innovative methodologies of incorporating video, images, and online games into the classroom, but I’ve found creative teaching can be successful and is required for online teaching.

Creation Unit Postings