Life of Nick

"The force is strong with this one"- Darth Vader

My life is amazing,come and witness it with me

My life has some weird moments somtimes you know. It is customary with a big family and school. My interest is to be a lawyer. My skills is mostly in history. Values is in my family i want to support.My self esteem is always high I will never my co-workers ever. Because the proper motovasion and you can accomplish anything.

Where I see myself in the future

I see myself being a easy to get along lawyer who is going to help all forms of people. My sense of humer would give me a good trait in a good attitude towards having the job i want.My job is to speck in the defence of of a person or in the conviction of a case. My median salary is 112,760$. The total job outlook is 10%. The job cluster is under Government and public adminstration. Work schedule is when duty calls really have no schedule. The work enviroment is dealing with people mostly and the judge. I could be messing with case and haveing somthing happen that could turn into a murder case.

Where I see myself in the future

The college i would like to attend is University of Arkansas at FayettevilleThe reason is my father attended and they have my program I need and It is only a 45 minute drive.I need bacholars degree then I take the Arkansas bar.Hourly tuition is 246$ per hour. A full scholarship