Camp Lazlo

Fighting Muscle Disease

Come and Join the FUNNEST Camp that you ever been to

At Camp Lazlo, kids with muscular disease discover a world created specifically for them, and meet many other kids sharing the same needs and experiences. Every camper will have a counselor for the entire month. Camp Lazlo offers a fun and safe outdoor experience, along with oppurtunities to engage variety of activities such as horseback riding, scavenger hunts, adaptive sports, swimming, canoeing, arts and craft and campfires. So come and join Camp Lazlo, it would change your kids life.

For parents and guardians, Camp Lazlo provides a brief break from their roles of caregiver for a child with Muscular disease. It is a place where parents know they can send their children for a month of summer fun and, at the same time, be assured that their child’s medical and a team of dedicated health professionals and trained camp volunteers will meet their physical needs. Camp Lazlo staff and volunteers assume all camper care, including physical and emotional support, allowing parents much-needed time to attend to their own needs and, in some cases, spend some special time with the camper’s siblings.
At Camp Lazlo, volunteer counselors work one-on-one with campers around the clock, providing the care, close supervision, and attention that children with Muscular diseases need. Counselors push wheelchairs, lift and transfer youngsters, and even “bunk” down near their campers. Above all, they become the camper’s friend for a month, and sometimes a lifetime.

Camp Activities

-horseback riding
-scavenger hunts
-adaptive sports
-arts and craft

Daily Schedule

10:00-Eat breakfast
11:00-Horseback Riding
3:00-Arts and Crafts
4:00-Adaptive Sports
5:00-Scavenger Hunts
6:00-Snacktime/Camp Fires

What you need to bring to Camp Lazlo

What your child needs to bring to our camp is there medication, extra clothes, and there wheelchairs. The rest will be supplied by our camp.

Camp Sessions

Doors Open on June 10 at 10 A.M. and close on July 8 at 5 P.M.

Monday-Friday: 10 to 5
Saturdays: 10 to 5
Sundays: Closed

Cost of Camp

$140 Total Cost

$20 For Kid

$30 Per Week

Muscular Dystrophy Association---USA

National Headquarters