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A mother's heartfelt response...

Hush means the world to my daughter, and therefore to me! She has struggled with anxiety all her life and in more recent years depression. While she has tried various school activities, she never quite found her niche...until she found StoryArk and more specifically Hush. The opportunities have been endless...head writer, editor, illustrator, composer of music, performer of original music, voice actor, mentor to younger students, and more. Finding a group of creative peers has been a dream come true; it's like having a second family. In addition to having a creative outlet she has gained organizational skills, the ability to plan long-term, improved teamwork skills, increased problem solving skills, and persistence toward a goal. Her motivation, leadership abilities and confidence have skyrocketed. In 3 weeks, my daughter will leave for college; 2 years ago I wasn't sure this would be possible. Both Stephani and Hush have helped her earn a number of scholarships which is fabulous and a huge weight off our shoulders, but even more importantly we know she has the skills, perseverance, and a new zest for life that will support her through this journey. What more could a parent ask for...THANK YOU StoryArk from the bottom of my heart!

Published with the approval of the parent and student; we are deeply grateful for our families

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