PTO Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2021

NES PTO General Board Meeting MINUTES

7:30 pm Via Zoom (~10 people in attendance)

1. Principal and Teacher Updates

  • Students and staff are happy that more playground equipment will be introduced on the playground. This is something they changed in the district's health and safety plans.
  • Two separate bins will be used. One for recently sanitized equipment and one for used equipment. This will allow for everything to be cleaned between different groups of kids coming onto the playground.
  • Wednesday will be Valentine's Day activities for the classrooms.
  • To what degree HRC's will be involved, will be at teachers' request.
  • Kids have done well with the new protocols since the implementation of 4-days.
  • With more kids back in the building, there is a new excitement in the building.

2. Treasurer Report

(Specific dollar amounts have been omitted. As always, we discuss the financials in detail at our monthly General PTO Meeting.)

  • During the month of December, the PTO had several successful fundraisers - drive-thru donuts and the holiday Boon Supply fundraiser. In January, the PTO received proceeds from the November Jules spirit night and from our fall Box Top submission.

  • In addition to monthly recurring expenses for accounting, Smore newsletter, and teacher water cooler each paid in December and January, the PTO funded two teacher grants ($175) and had a payment of $506 to Sterling Specialties to replenish our logowear inventory.

  • Logo wear and magnet sales have been good.

  • The PTO also received a refund of sales tax from our RAZ kids subscriptions.

  • The PTO also received several cash donations from families and a corporate matching donation.

  • The PNC account was reconciled as of 12/31/20 and 1/31/21 by the Treasurer (J. Bukowski) and the bank statements and reconciliations were reviewed and approved by the Secretary (C. Gargalovic).

3. Teacher Grants

  • 1 new teacher grant request was discussed and approved.

4. Logo Wear
  • We have our online store available on the PTO website, listed under the fundraisers tab.
  • Since our initial push with December orders, there have been a few orders tickling in.
  • With warmer weather around the corner, we will probably see another push for long-sleeve and short-sleeve t-shirts.

5. MOD Spirit Night

  • It was a successful fundraiser and the check has been received to be deposited for next month's treasurer report.

6. Role of HRC's

  • For upcoming Valentine parties, it is very difficult to come up with activities for kids that are virtual, but we are making it happen.
  • Some teachers have been contacted by their HRC's and some have not. Other teachers are reaching out to the HRC's instead.
  • Would it be helpful for HRC's to begin now to put a whole list of end-of-year party games for teacher approval? Yes, that would be most helpful. As for Valentines Day, the district wanted it to be more teacher lead.
  • If there is a scavenger hunt. We have some kids that are at the NAC or YMCA that cannot run around gathering things. Just keep that in mind.

7. Future PTO Activities

  • Teachers mentioned how much kids loved watching the scarecrow and gingerbread videos and voting on each. They would really love to do more of that in the future if possible.
  • Teachers can vote with any 6-digit number - "222222" for 2nd grade teachers.
  • Perhaps a science fair at home with video/pictures by grade level or classrooms. Future discussions will be needed to see if this is possible.
  • Maybe we can do a snowman contest with any future snow storms.
  • Recycled art could be an Earth Day connection - April.
  • Spirit nights will also be implemented. We are hoping to do these once per month.

8. Nothing Bundt Cakes Update

  • This fundraiser did very well.
  • Wonderful that the store owner will be labeling the cakes for ease of handing out.
  • This is a fundraiser we can bring back in the future and even use these for other future events as well.

9. Picture Day

  • Elementary schools will have picture days. Our dates will be further into the spring.
  • Dates will be confirmed and it will be posted in the Newtown NEWS as well as on the calendars.

10. 2020 HRC Classroom Money

  • We are trying to find something we can do for the school kids to use the money we have left from last years dues.
  • Ideas: Purchasing a Rita's certificate for all students, putting the money toward end-of-the year parties ordered in advance.
  • All elementary schools are in the process of trying to figure out what is possible district-wide for 6th grades. Mr. Francis will report on that at the march meeting. Whatever is planned must meet the health and safety plan of the district.
  • The PTO will provide a 6th grade t-shirt, tile project, and folders with certificates as well. We have funds allocated for those purposes.