Canada & United States

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The United States and Canada have a mutual intimate relationship is so unique and the closest relationship in the world. People come through their border in any kind of vehicle for business or desirable. Canada businesses shoot movies and commercials here in the United States. They both have a language known as English and some people know French and even Spanish. More than 330 million people currently live in the United States and Canada. Statistics say that the population in Canada and the United States is expected to grow later in the future.Some of this growth will come from families already living in this region or some will come from people who want to make the United States or Canada their new home. Lots of people come to the United States or Canada for new jobs, homes, opportunities or education.
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Canada and The United States are the only two countries that have a unique and intimate relationship meaning they rely on each other for resources and industrialized products. By expediting lawful trade and commerce into and between our countries, the

"Beyond the Border Action Plan" seeks to secure and strengthen our vital trade relationship. Among other initiatives, our countries intend to enhance the benefits of existing programs that help trusted businesses and travelers move efficiently across the border; introduce new measures to facilitate movement and trade across the border while reducing the administrative burden for business; and invest in improvements to our shared border infrastructure and technology.

Fun Fact : The top export categories were Vehicles ,Machinery ,Electrical Machinery ,Mineral Fuel ,Oil and Natural Gas,and Plastic,

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The United States and Canada share two borders that separate their countries.The United States is Canada's most important security defense partner. For over 50 years Canada and The United States have worked shoulder to shoulder to keep trouble from crossing the border. Us. defense arrangement with Canada are more extensive than with any other country. Approximately 8,000 trucks cross Windsor-Detroit each day. Almost 5 times a month there are smugglers that bring people from other places to enter the U.S or Canada especially if they are trying to escape law enforcement and punishment.

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Fun Fact: Canada and the U.S share a land border that is 9,000 kilometers(over 5,500 miles) in length

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Canada U.S. Relationship

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