JCMS Team 2 Newsletter

Week of October 14, 2019

What's going on in class?


This past week in Math, students reached the end of Module 1. We will complete the Module on Tuesday Oct. 22 with a quiz over Decimal, Fraction, and Percent. Module 2 we will work on fractions, the students will begin the module with a few days to review over fractions before we start our lessons. Have a great weekend!

Language Arts

Next week students will be starting the novel Hatchet in Language Arts. Please continue to ask your student about their weekly reading interests.

Nightly reading homework-

Studies have shown that reading just 20 minutes per day will expose students to over a million words per year. This will then likely improve school grades as well as increase state standardized test scores. Please check with your child be make sure they are doing their nightly reading homework and filling out the log that goes with it.

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This week in science we are learning about the fossil record. Students took their first quiz of this term on Friday. Looking ahead, we will be looking at the geologic time scale, and have a second quiz by the end of the week. Students keep their Science Interactive Notebooks (INBs) in the classroom, but they are always welcome to take them home with them as long as they return the next day.

Social Studies

It’s hard to believe another week has gone by! This week we continued to learn about Ancient Egypt. The students completed an activity which had them build a mummy digitally. The students also began working on a research project about topic in Ancient Egypt of their choosing. These include Cleopatra, the Pyramids, the Sphinx, Mummies, and many more topics. Next week we will continue Ancient Egypt. I hope to see many of you at student led conferences next week!

Students of the Week!

Each week teachers will be nominating Team 2 students who demonstrate good character, work ethic, leadership, and or overall growth/ improvements. Below are our Students of the Week!

What parents need to know...

Walk A Mile

Friday during WINN time all JCMS students and staff participated in the Walk A Mile Challenge.

Book Fair!

The Book Fair is coming to JCMS! Please follow this link to the Library newsletter for more information.


Student Led Conferences (SLC)

Student Led Conferences are coming next week. If you have not signed up for a conference with your student's CAT time teacher please do so right away!

Mr. Schwan and Mrs. Brady will be in the cafeteria area, Ms. Woods will be in the library, Ms. Howe will be in her classroom, and Mr. Schinstock, Mr. Engeman and Mrs. Green will be in the Science Classroom (E114).

This is a student led conference so we hope that your student comes with you. They have prepared a short presentation for you highlighting their first term at JCMS.

No Name Papers

We have had several no name papers turned in this year. If a student thinks they turned in an assignment but it shows missing in the grade book it is likely they didn't put a name on it. Please remind your child to always put their name, class, and hour on their papers.

Team 2 Expectations

Team 2 is consistent in our expectations in all our courses to create the best and most conducive learning environment for all students. We create these expectations and go over them multiple times with the team to insure that all students are able to be successful. We encourage you to review the expectations and discuss them with your student.


Students will be sending out weekly grade updates each Friday via e-mail. Please make sure your student has your email address as well as it being updated in Skyward. Parents will also have access to student grades at all times through the Skyward website or app. If you are unable to access Skyward please contact the office for further help.

Upcoming Events

10/14- No School

10/21- Student Led Conference

10/22- Student Led Conference

10/23- Student Led Conference

10/25- No School

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