January 23-27

News Flash

January 30-February 3

This week we will continue learning about the characters, setting, and plot in a story. We will also continue learning about verbs, adjectives, and nouns. Please continue to work on these concepts at home as well. When reading, ask your child to identify the noun, adjective, and verb. The letter of the week is Oo again. This week we will focus on words that have "o" in the middle. The sight words are: they, of, you. There will be a ten-word spelling test on Friday. In math, we are finishing up measurement.

Sight/Spelling Words: are, they, of

Letter: Oo

Decodable Words: dot, pop, pot, hot, not, Ron, Tom, nod, Rob. PLEASE PRACTICE READING THESE WORDS AT HOME. These decodable words will be on the end of the week reading test.


January 23-27

Students should be reading their take home book nightly. This is so important! Please make sure to fill out the reading log everytime they read. Return the book when students can read it independently.

Monday: Monday/Tuesday whole sheet

Tuesday: Practice writing numbers 1-100 using the 100 chart in your practice portfolio.

Wednesday: Math Review

Thursday: Thursday half sheet. Review decodable words-Test Tomorrow.

Friday: Read.