"Leap of Ka Likai"

Prettiest Waterfall Ever!

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Welcome to the amazing experience of Nohkalikai Falls. The enchanting waterfall of India. Enjoy!!

The Great Legend

The old legend says that a women named Ka Likai married a man who was jealous of how much affection she was giving her daughter. So one day while Ka Likai was away at work her husband cooked the child and served it to her when she got home. After finding out that she ate her daughter she jumped off the falls. Just because of that the fall was named after him. The name means " Ka Likai's Jump."

Time To Travel

You will have to travel to Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, India, the wettest place in the world. Is the most visited site in India. There is no lodging available near the the falls, so you have to drive to a cliff then take a short hike before you can see the waterfall. If you want to avoid the foggy clouds go in September or October. Another great time is monsoon season which is between May and September. The WORST time is December through February because water is scarce, and it is known as the dry season.


Some of the popular stuff to do is trek, bird watch, angle, and photography. If you are taking photos you will have to be patient to get a good pick because, the fall has a thick cloud cover. Most people will wait because of the beautiful greenery around it. If you are planning to take pictures you need to have some cash handy because you have to pay a small fee. There are stair cases that lead to certain views of the pretty fall. Also, is a great place for nature and adventure lovers.

Fun Facts

The waterfall is the 4th highest plunge in the world falling at 335 meters. (1100 feet) This enchanting sight is located near many other waterfalls. Photogenic is just one word to describe this amazing sight. An interesting thing is that the fall is fed by rainwater. The rainwater starts at the hilltop above the fall, and runs through the jungle down to the water plunge. The clear water appears green as it flows into the stream. Also, during winter the water actually is blue.
So I hope you consider coming to Nohkalikai Falls. If not I hope this was informative, and you learned something.