Get Out Of Debt Now!

Let Freedom Phenom Help...

We will clobber every bureaucratic cash-confiscatory agency known to man!

Credit Cards, Payday Loans, Medical Bills, Car Repossessions, Traffic Tickets, Foreclosures
  • 1 account - $500*
  • 2 accounts - $650
  • 3 accounts - $850
  • 4 accounts - $1,000
  • Each additional account over 4 accounts - $250 each

Student Loans

  • starting at $1,000 each account

*There is no limit on the amount owed on your accounts. If you want us to discharge the balance for one (1) credit card with a balance of $100,000, we still charge $500 which is the same if your credit card's balance is $1,000

Why is FREEDOM Phenom Different?

Freedom Phenom is owned and managed by a Diplomat of the united states of America. What does this mean for you?.....Your accounts are handled with care by someone that knows the ins and outs of the banking system.

  1. Unlike bankruptcy or debt consolidation, Freedom Phenom will not show up on your credit as a negative item.
  2. All accounts we discharge end in good standing.
  3. We do not consolidate your debt or negotiate debt. You pay us one time, and we get it discharged in 60-90 days. No more paying monthly payments to pay off a consolidator!
  4. Your accounts do not have to be in default to get them to disappear!
  5. If your accounts are in default, we get the negative item off your credit once we discharge it.

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