IMLEA Monday Minute

May 7, 2018

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thanks for all you do! You may have been inundated already with many emails, Instagram posts, Facebook shares, and tweets of all the great deals, free burritos, and more this week, but just in case... this is the best list I have seen, more national in scope than some.

Free eBooks from Capstone: Now through August 1

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Capstone is offering free access to their interactive eBooks to all students. There are over 5000 books, many in Spanish, many with audio available. While easier on a computer or tablet, I was able to listen to one on my phone as well. Books are also available for download and use offline. You could have your librarian complete this form, or use as an individual teacher; then the password could be shared with all students. There are no special teacher or student accounts.

There are many ways to search for books, and although listed as K-6+, I found several titles that could be useful in middle level science and social studies classes, very easy for blended learning or whole class use.

This is very similar to the free myOn access we had for several summers through DOE. The main purpose is to keep students reading during the summer, but everyone can take advantage of this now!

Mayor Joins Lebanon Middle School or Park Service Day

We recently profiled Lebanon Middle School as they received their Schools to Watch designation. They were in the news again as they completed their final school-wide service projects of the year, along with the mayor of Lebanon. Michele Shultz, an 8th grade science teacher there, will be presenting at our conference to share how they involve every student at the school in at least one service project each year. During their Schools to Watch open house, they had pictures from some of these objects on display, pictured below.

Any time your school is featured with good news in the press, feel free to let us know. We will happily share your great ideas with other schools!

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Are Your Students Distracted by Fortnite?

This recent article in Edweek addresses several concerns educators have about students obsessed with playing the game Fortnite. (Please note: if you are not a paid subscriber to Edweek, you are limited to 3 free articles per month.) Has it become a problem at your school?

On the other hand, one librarian in Minnesota used student interest to create this display of books with similar themes-- and they flew off the shelves.


Conference information can be found on our special site, or linked on the IMLEA website. You may also register now or reserve hotel rooms at our special conference rate. The keynote with Ben Glenn will be on Sunday, September 16, with six different sessions on Monday the 17th.

You can register a team now, list the same name five times, and later notifiy us exactly who is coming.

That's All! Thank You to All Indiana Middle Level Educators!

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