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dear infinity hair and nails,

Lately I have been getting shave cuts that take forever to stop bleeding. do you have any good tips to help me to get them to stop bleeding quicker? it'd be super hepful if you could give me tips on how to stop it, thank you in advance for taking your time to answer my questions and give me tips.

Dear client,

There are many ways to stop a shave cut from bleeding. I'm going to talk about five of the best ways to stop it from bleeding. One way is to put deodorant on it, the deodorant will shrink the sweat glands which will constrict the blood vessels and make the blood clot. Another way to stop a shave cut from bleeding for so long is to apply lip balm to it. The lip balm basically works as a seal and it will keep bigger cuts from forming unsightly scabs. The third best way to stop it is to put some ice cubes on it, the ice cubes will shrink the blood vessels because of its coldness so it will stop bleeding. the fourth best way to stop a shave cut from bleeding is to pour some mouthwash on it. the mouthwash will slow the blood flow by causing the tissues to contract. the last best way I'm going to talk about is putting eye drops on it, the eye drops will slow down bleeding by consticting blood vessels.

I hope these tips were helpful, come back to get advice about any skin care or personal grooming advice.