The Fourth Grade Flyer

Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Gulam, Mrs. McIntosh, Mrs. Bowles

4th Grade Virtual Hub

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Valentine's Day parties will be on Friday the 12th at 2:00 pm.

Valentine's Parties and Boxes

Our class parties for Valentine's Day will be held on February 12th. Each student can work on a box at home and bring it to school on the 12th for our card exchange during the party! You can use a tissue box, shoe box, or any kind of box and get as creative as you like!

Please remember to make a card for every member of the class so everyone is included.

Check this out for some inspiration, if you need it!

STAAR Preparation

The time is fast approaching for the Writing STAAR on March 29th. 4th grade students will take a "mock" writing STAAR on February 17th. This will give the students a better idea of what the actual test will be like so they can feel confident on the real test day.

As a reminder, please do not use the released tests to study. If you are interested in acquiring some resources for home use, teaching stores (such as Teacher Tools in Lewisville and Lakeshore Learning in North Dallas) have many books available for purchase.

Please keep encouraging your children and reviewing their writing with them!

Austin Field Trip (Purple Paper)

Please review the Austin outline and behavior guidelines on the purple paper and return it, signed, to your teacher if you have not already done so.
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Encourage your children to use figurative language, including idioms, in their writing!

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The Apex Fun Run is coming up... Click the link below to read more!

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Star Saver Bank Dates

February 19- B/D
March 4- A/C
April 1 -B/D
April 15 -A/C
May 6- B/D

May 19 - A/C

Dates to Remember

February Dates

  • 15th: No school

March Dates
  • 7th: Austin money due
  • 10th: Open house 6pm
  • 11th: Apex Fun run
  • 14th-18th: Spring Break
  • 25th: Bad weather make-up day
  • 29th: Writing STAAR

April Dates

May Dates

  • 9th: Math STAAR
  • 10th: Reading STAAR
  • 18th: 4th grade school day performance
  • 19th: 4th grade evening performance
  • 20th: Field Day
  • 24th: Austin field trip
  • 30th: No school

June Dates

  • 2nd: Last day of school (early release)
  • 3rd: Bad weather make-up day