Identity Protection Interview

Sydnee Wilcher interviewing Jennifer Wilcher

What do you think identity theft is?

Identity theft is when personal and financial information about you is obtained and used for someone else's benefit.

What info do you have in your wallet that an identity could use?

License number, credit card, and my check book with account number.

How can a thief use this information?

They can use it to make purchases, embezzle money, and sign up for new credit accounts.

What is a credit report used for?

It is used to help you secure loans and helps a creditor track your history to see if you are a good candidate for a loan.

Where do you suggest that people keep their credit card numbers?

I suggest in a secure wallet that you keep with you all the time.

Do you keep your ATM, credit and debit card receipts? Why or why not?

Yes, we like to make sure all our transactions were ours and not someone else's.

Do you check the receipt charges with the charges on your monthly statement?

Yes, we want to make sure they match on the statement.

Have you ever found a fraudulent charge on your bank statement?

No, but my wallet got stolen and they tried to use my credit cards. Thankfully, we got it cancelled in time.

Do you destroy pre-approved credit card applications? Why or why not?

Yes, they have your name on them, and you do not want them to get in the wrong hands and try to use them.

Have you ever used your credit card for unsolicited phone purchases?

Yes, but only several years ago before we used the internet for purchases. We made reservations and paid bills with a credit card over the phone back then. We do not now.

Do you know what a secure browser is? Why is it important for Internet purchases?

Yes, so they cannot obtain personal information and steal your identity.