Title I Toolkit WEBINAR

April 2016

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Documentation Reminders

· Annual Title I Meeting Template

· Requirements of CIP/DIP

· Agenda Template

· Sign-in Sheet Template

· Minutes Template

· Parental Involvement Survey

· Staff Development Needs Survey

1. Comprehensive Needs Assessment

  • Summary of CNA process
  • Summary of Strengths, Needs, and Priorities
  • Data reviewed

2. Reform Strategies

  • Brief description of supplemental programs funded by Title I
  • Share this information at annual Title I Meeting with parents

3. Instruction by Highly Qualified Teachers

  • Chart of teachers/paraprofessionals paid with Title I funds
  • Job description (with fund code) of Title I teachers/paras
  • Time/Effort Documentation (if applicable)
  • Semi-annual Certification
  • Principal’s Attestation of HQ Teachers
  • Notification to Parents of their Right to Know Teacher Qualifications
  • date:_____________
  • method:____________
  • Letter mailed to Parents if Teacher is NOT HQ
  • date:__________
  • Copy of letter

4. High Quality Professional Development

  • Survey of Teachers for PD Needs
  • Copy of POs for 211-Function 13 (for PD)
  • Copy of POs for 255-Function 13 (for PD)

5. Strategies to Attract HQ Teachers

  • Recruitment and Retention Plan

6. Strategies to Increase Parental Involvement

  • Annual Title I Meeting
  • Date of meeting _________________
  • Location
  • Time
  • Agenda
  • Sign-in Sheet
  • Minutes
  • Handouts
  • Notifications sent out
  • Parental Involvement Policy
  • Date distributed____________________
  • School/Parent Compact
  • Date distributed____________________
  • Frequent Reports of Student Progress
  • Report cards
  • Date distributed____________________
  • Date distributed____________________
  • State Assessments
  • Date distributed____________________
  • Parent Notification of AMAOs
  • Date distributed____________________
  • NCLB Report Card sent out
  • Date distributed____________________
  • Victim of a Violent Crime (if applicable)
  • Date notified____________________
  • Persistently Dangerous School (if applicable)
  • Date notified____________________
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences (required at elementary schools; must use School/Parent Compact)
  • Flyers for parental involvement activities
  • Sign-in Sheets
  • Calendar of events
  • Newsletters
  • Etc.

7. Transition

  • One page description of transition activities
  • Flyers, etc. of activities for transition
  • Teacher Decision Making Regarding Assessments
  • PLC’s
  • Grade Level/Team Meetings
  • Strategies in Campus Plan
  • Keep Agendas
  • Sign-in Sheets
  • Minutes Summary

9. Effective and Timely Assistance to Students

  • Extended Learning Opportunties
  • Individual/Small Group Instruction
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

10.Coordination and Integration

  • List of programs funded by different funding sources (local, federal, & state)
  • Paragraph description of how programs are coordinated to maximize resources and services to students

NCLB Consolidated Application & Compliance Report Training

Monday, June 6th, 9am

Pecan Room, ESC7, Kilgore, TX

Register for Session #047869.

This session will cover current updates and changes to the NCLB Consolidated Application and Compliance Reports in eGrants for Titles IA, IC, ID, IIA, & IIIA. Participants will learn how to complete both parts of the NCLB grant process. The application will be covered in the morning, and the compliance report will be covered in the afternoon.

2015-2016 Initial Compliance Crosswalk Document

The 2015-2016 Initial Compliance Review Crosswalk Department of Standards and Programs is a document to assist you in knowing what document TEA is looking at for each of the compliance questions.

This will be UPDATED for the 2016-17 school year. At this time, this is the most recent crosswalk.

Federal Program Directors' Meeting

Thursday, April 21st, 9am

Pine Room, ESC 7, Kilgore, TX

Register for Session #047726.

This session is designed to provide an opportunity for Federal Program Directors who work with Title I, II, III, and other Federal Funds to receive updates, network, and share best practices to enhance programs in their districts.

Title I & Title III Contracted Members' Meeting

Thursday, April 21st, 12pm

Pine Room, ESC7, Kilgore, TX

Register for Session #047732.

A working lunch will be provided for contracted members of Title I Complete, Title I-SSA, Title II-SSA, and Title III Contract Members. This meeting is in conjunction with the Federal Program Directors' Meeting. Various topics pertinent to districts' needs will be covered.

Upcoming Sessions

Parental Involvement Policies & Compacts, Session #051197 (a.m. session)

Title I Parent Compact & Policies Work Session, Session #051201 (p.m. session)

Comprehensive Needs Assessment/Campus & District Plans, Session #052524

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