The fault in our stars

By: Yash S, Abishek B, Rishika R

Yash's Annotation

Pg 31: I am a hurdler and i have never thought if the hurdles were removed from the race, the race would go faster. I enjoy jumping hurdles instead of just running around the track.

Abishek's Annotation

Pg 9: I believe that Hazel's perspective of Support Group will change; she will now be willing to go, as she now has something to look forward to in Augustus Waters.

Rishika's Annotation

Pg 31 She relates her life with cancer, the hurdlers are the cancer tumors and the lane she is running in is her life, I like this because it feels like a something even people without cancer could connect to.

This is Augustus's and Hazels Texts.

Green/ Shades of green relating to the fault in our stars


Aqua represents emotional healing and protection, two things that Hazel desperately want. The knowledge that the love of her life, Augustus, is going to die is enough to make emotional healing a must. She wants protection from all of the harmful occurrences in her life that she doesn't want to deal with.

Olive Green

Olive green represents peace, of which there is none. Monica's family is denied peace due to the egging they receive from Isaac. Hazel has an excessive amount of peace-destroying events in her life. Augustus can't live a proper, 17 year old life, due to his cancer. There is little peace in the book.


One thing that this shade of yellow represents is sickness; which was taken very literally. Augustus is sick, and has cancer, which prevents him from living a normal life. Hazel is not only sick of cancer, but is sick of having it; and this conclusion is derived from her reference to herself as a "bomb". The loss of Isaac's eyesight is not as sickening to him as is his loss of Monica (his former girlfriend) due to break-up.