Cannon Assault Games 1 and 2!

Free to play for everyone!

Available to Download at www.Cannon from 25th April

For 5 years and over, this game is sure to keep you entertained! Its free to play so download straight away! So do you really want to miss out on the game that everyone's talking about? Have a look at what our critics have been saying:

"Every gamer's dream" The Times "These games that have got everyone talking" The sun

Free to download from 25th April and Onwards!

Final Details

Details are displayed below for the launch day time-table and where it is.

Both amazing games are sure to keep you occupied for a long time!

Visit our website at www.cannon

Location of Launch: 34 Tyne Street

Starting at: 10:30 am

Ending at: 2:30 pm

open to everyone! Call us at o191 2420657 to find out more!