Kohler Cougar News

September 21-October 2

Reading and Writing

Objectives: Gaining deeper meaning from our reading and writing detailed reflections

During the past week, we have been learning how to code text to annotate, or write notes, about what we have read.  We then use our notes to facilitate the discussion. We also learned about the qualities of good discussions, or discussion elements such as active listening and participation, asking questions to clarify, piggybacking off the ideas of others, to stay on topic and engage in a meaningful discussion about our reading.  We also began using conversational moves sentence starters such as "I agree/disagree because...", "What evidence supports your idea?", or "I wonder...". These conversational moves often help keep the flow of discussion and challenge us to think more deeply about the text.  Over the next couple weeks, we will begin our Socractic Circle discussions. The focus of these types of discussions were mentioned in the last edition of the newsletter. Please feel free to look back in that newsletter for a description. We will apply the skills mentioned above to engage in meaningful Socractic Circle discussions on an environmental topic such as food webs and invasive species. Therefore, we will be connecting our Science content with reading and writing. The writing objective over the next couple weeks will be to write a detailed reflection on the discussion including the information learned from the discussion as well as the ability to apply discussion elements and conversational moves.


Objective: Topic 3-Multiplying by Multi-Digit Numbers

We will be working through the lessons for Topic 3. Within this topic, we will learn how to use the properties of multiplication to solve problems. We will understand how to multiply by a multiple of 10 in order to build a foundation. We will then use this knowledge to scaffold into multiplying 3 by 2 digit problems and apply this skill to solve word problems. We will most likely test over Topic 3 the week of September 28th.*Below is a link to Pearson Realize. This is where you and your child will find links to practice pages, videos we show in class, and games to help support your child's learning at home. You will also find a link to an electronic version of the textbook as well.


Objectives: Prefixes em-, en-, com-, con-

We will be testing over Weeks 6 and 7.

Week 6: Prefixes em- and en-

Week 7: Prefixes com- and con-

In class, we go over all 12 words over two days breaking them apart, learning the meaning, and illustrating the meaning to help us remember the meaning and strategy. Throughout the remainder of the week, we either do short activities with words or take a few minutes to study. However, I do require the students to take some time at home in the evening to also study and work with their words to prepare for their test at the end of the week. We have been graphing our Spelling progress over the last several weeks, and our graph is showing a decline. I have encouraged the students to take just a few moments out of their evening to study their words, that just practicing at school isn't the only responsibility they have regarding their spelling words. Please take some time to check in with your child every evening to study with them or ask them how they are doing with their words for the week.

*Below is a link to Spelling City where the students can do activities and practice tests with their weekly words.

Home Connection

WIGS (Wildly Important Goals)

With being a Leader in Me school, we have embraced setting WIGS, or wildly important goals, at the school, class and individual level.

Reading Home Connection: Our reading WIG is reading minutes. Each child throughout the school, and definitely in our classroom, has set individual weekly reading minute goals, which is one reason why your child has been coming home with a weekly reading log. This log helps us work towards our individual goals, class goal, and ultimately our school goal since everyone's minutes count. It is also a way to build stamina and perseverance, which will help support their ability to apply reading strategies as they continue to grow as a reader. Please take some time throughout the week to check-in with your child about their nightly reading homework as well as if they have been turning it in daily. Have a quick discussion with them about what they have read and their thoughts to provide them an opportunity to talk about their reading, which helps support their growth as a reader as well.

Math Home Connection: Our Math WIG is fluency. We will be tracking our progress of knowing 50 multiplication facts in 3 minutes. Our goal is to be able to do at least 45 correctly in those 3 minutes. Next quarter, we will focus on fluency of multiplying multi-digit numbers, similar to the focus of Topic 3 that we will be covering in Math. Please take some time to practice basic multiplication facts with your child to help build their fluency and accuracy to recall their basic facts. This will help support them in multiplying multi-digit numbers.

*Below are a couple sites to help practice basic multiplication facts.

Important Information and Dates


Conferences are just around the corner. The dates are the evenings of October 7th and 8th.  If you signed up during Open House, you will be receiving a note home to confirm your time.  If you did not sign up during Open House, I will be sending a note home for time preferences.  Then, I will try to work with your preferences the best I can among the times that are already taken to designate a time.  You will then receive a confirmation note prior to conferences.

Fall Pictures

Fall pictures are tomorrow, September 22nd.  If you are ordering pictures, please have your child turn in their order form by Tuesday morning.

Dates to Remember

September 22-Fall Pictures; September 25 and October 2--Spelling Tests for Weeks 6 & 7; October 2-Early Release; October 7 & 8 (evenings)-Fall Conferences; October 12-19-Fall Break

Stay Tuned...

Be watching for an extra edition of this newsletter over the next couple weeks to hear from our classroom reporters!