Buc's Bulletin

Our Weekly Class Newsletter January 25- January 29

A Note from Mrs. Buc

I hope to see everyone next Friday! Enjoy the warmer weather this weekend.

Shabbat Shalom!


Uniform Reminders

With a drop in temperatures, please check the following to make sure your children are coming to school compliant to the uniform.

  • Undershirt: Undershirts may not extend past the uniform shirt sleeve and must be white.

  • Outerwear: All sweaters and sweatshirts worn inside the school must be Davis Academy uniform items.

  • Socks/Tights: Socks must be ankle or knee length and must be solid white, black or navy only. Striped, patterned, and multi-colored socks are not permitted. Navy or white tights; no leggings are permitted.

Important Dates

2/4- 100th Day of School and No homework night!! :)

2/5- Leading Kabbalat Shabbat

2/12-2/15- No School, mid-winter break

4/21- Class Passover Seder @ 8:15 AM

What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

Have you heard we began to learn cursive this week? Well, only the strokes, but it was really exciting! Next week, we will start to learn letters! For reading comprehension, we received a new test booklet called CARS. We learned how to take 2 different reading comprehension tests. There are an extension of the Focus Books we have been working on all year. Next week, we will take test 3 and this will be our first grade for reading comprehension. All tests taken from now until the end of the year will be graded, sent home, and you will be asked to sign and return them. In grammar, we reviewed for a test we will have next week. We completed our Super Kid Glasses stories and they are displayed on a big bulletin board in the hallway. We integrated 2 different genres of poetry with Tu B'Shevat. We each created a TREES acrostic as well as a diamante poem.


We are getting so good at subtracting with borrowing. This week we practiced up to the 1000's place and played fun games!! Next week we will continue to review and then practice subtraction word problems. We also have a fun math period planned next week for the 100th day of school!


Dear 2nd grade parents,

After enjoying a Tu Bishvat carpet picnic on Monday, we continued working on our Hebrew cursive letters-

מ,ם (MEM and MEM SOFIT), we practiced the verbs: קָם (stand up), לוֹמֵד (study), אוֹמֵר (say), read the story "גַּם אֲנִי!" (me too!) and used the question words like: מִי? (who?), מָה? (what?), כַּמָּה? (How much? \how many?), לָמָּה? (why?).

Please encourage your child to read at home as much as possible.

Shabbat shalom,

Galia Sabbag

Social Studies

All the landform projects were wonderful! They were fun to look at and very interesting to listen to. We then wrapped up our unit on The World Around Us to make room for our next science unit. Can you guess what these items are: hammer, screw, see saw and a door stopper?

Snapshots of our Week