By Marie Lu

A Marvelous Adventure

Day is considered dead by his family but he is a run away. He throws a knife in self defense but it hits a captain so he is the one blamed for the murder. Hes got to get away! Hes got to hide somewhere! June finds out about her brothers murderer so she goes undercover to find the one who did it. When they figure out something it all changes!

Man vs Man

Day hits Metias with a knife which adds to his charges of theft. June is sent to find him but she faces battles as well when her and Day come together to do some thinking.
"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think" ~Christopher Robin

"Day killed my brother" -June pg 46

Daniel Altan Wing aka Day

15 year old runaway, Brown Hair, Two brothers


June Iparis

Agent, 15 year old, Had a brother


Whats it about?

Theme: Change

Author: Marie Lu

A pendent

The pendent represents Day's father its got engravings on it "United States of America, In god we trust, Quarter dollar" Embossed on one side, and "Liberty" and "1990" on the other side
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