Hippie Fashion in the 1960's

By: Natalie and Elma

What was hippie fashion in the 1960's like?

We chose this topic, because with the little amount of knowledge we had we wanted to know more about hippie fashion in this time period.
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Hippies originated when people started wanting peace and love after the Beat movement in the 1950's. Hippies started dressing in floral patterns to represent love and peace among each other. Hippies were also started because they wanted to represent naturalness.

Male Fashion

Many males wore their hair long, and they often grew mustaches and beards to add to the hippie vibe. Vests, Fringe, and most famous of all bell bottoms were worn by male hippies. One of the biggest features to all hippie clothing was loose fitting and thrifty.
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Female Fashion

Female hippie fashion was very alike to what male's wore and looked like. Dresses were huge for hippies and they wore in tons of different shapes, colors, and style. Along with wearing dresses they combined them with beads made into necklaces.

Hippie Fashion

Hippies were huge, lots of people still wear the same clothing today. Although we do not agree with some of the fashion statements, lots of individuals do. Overall, hippie fashion was a great fashion period which most now would like to be part of.