Orana Catholic Primary School

Term 2, Week 4, 2021.



Generosity is an attitude of freely sharing our ideas and talents and giving our time generously. We show generosity by being welcoming, inclusive and promoting a sense of belonging.

Hail Mary

Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed are thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.
Holy Mary Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Hail Mary is a traditional Scripture-based Catholic prayer of praise for and petition to the Mother of God based on the Gospel of Luke. Please pray this special prayer with your families during this month of Mary. The special dedication of the month of May to the Blessed Virgin Mary has long been a tradition of the Catholic Church, where we, the faithful, engage in a more prayerful and deeper reflection of Mary, our Mother. Mary’s May is the opportune time to look once again on Mary’s “yes”, and what her example teaches us.

Thank-you to all community members that attended the Junior Community Mass. This was a wonderful eucharistic celebration, said for our Mothers. Many thanks to Father Thai, Mrs Alp, Ms Draper and junior choir, the readers and parishioners for their contribution to the Mass.

This week, the Years 3 and 5 students have completed the NAPLAN testing. This is a national test to track the progress of Year 3 and 5 students for the country, the state, systems and for schools. Our students participated confidently in a smooth testing process and then got on with their regular learning experiences. Well done to all the students for living our Vision for Learning; New Day, New Adventure.

Next week, the staff have been asked to ensure students are wearing the uniform proudly and correctly. The students made an excellent start in transitioning into the winter uniform and now that they have had time to settle, it is important to reinforce high standards and expectations. Please ensure your child has the correct uniform items and is wearing them correctly. Students who are presented neatly demonstrate pride in themselves, their school and their families. School uniform requirements can be found under uniforms in the parent handbook. https://www.orana.wa.edu.au/parent-handbook/

Teacher supervision commences at 8.30am. Classrooms open at 8.30am (Pre-primary to Year 6). Students are expected to use this time to prepare for the day and then they have the option to move to the basketball courts and oval area. This promotes physical activity and social development in games through turn taking, waiting patiently for one’s turn and negotiating rules. It has come to our attention, however, that some students are unattended at school before 8.30am. Supervision is not provided in the school grounds before 8.30am and students should not be dropped off at school prior to this time. Ultimately these rules apply for the safety and wellbeing of our children and need to be followed strictly. If you require supervision before this time, please contact our OSHC service. The cooperation of all members of our community is appreciated in regard to this.

This year Orana has 105 entries into the 2021 Catholic Performing Arts Festival. This is a fabulous opportunity for our students and I thank the parents for their support of their children. Many thanks for the countless hours Ms Draper has spent processing entries and preparing students. The Catholic Arts Office is urgently seeking the support of parents and extended families as volunteers for their 2021 events, the Angelico Art Exhibition, the Performing Arts Festival and Carnevale. There is a range of opportunities which cater for all skill sets and commitment levels with most events taking place during the month of August. If you are interested in volunteering or would like further information on the various tasks and commitment, please contact the Executive Officer, Sabrina D’Rosa, on 9241 5241.

Our Year 4 students will attend the commitment Mass over the weekend, to commence the Sacrament of Eucharist. First Holy Communion is an important step in our faith journey. Please pray for these students.

Next week, our Year 6 students will head off to camp at Ern Halliday Recreation Camp in Hillarys. They will have the opportunity to challenge themselves, build existing friendships, develop new ones and grow and strengthen their leadership and team work skills. The skills they learn and practise at camp will not only help them to be better leaders in their final year at Orana but will teach them the skills necessary for success in life.

The Term 2 planner can be found on our website.


Any changes or updates will be added to the Events Calendar also on our website.

Enjoy the long weekend and God bless.

Dee Johnston


Dates To Remember


  • 15th May - First Holy Communion Commitment Mass 6.30pm
  • 16th May - First Holy Communion Commitment Mass 10.30am

  • Naplan catchup week
  • 18th May - VANS Interschool Lightning Carnival
  • 19th May - Kindy White Community Walk
  • 19th May - Yr 6 Camp
  • 20th May - Kindy Blue Community Walk
  • 20th May - Yr 6 Camp continues
  • 21st May - Yr 2 Liturgy
  • 21st May - Yr 6 Camp concludes

Faith In Action

First Communion Preparation – Commitment Mass this weekend, 15/16 May

Year Four students together with their families are invited to a Commitment Mass, in preparation for their First Communion this weekend, 15/16 May at either Saturday 6.30pm or Sunday 10.30am. After Mass, parents/carers are asked to go to the hall to nominate which Mass time they would prefer for the sacrament day.

History of the Devotion to Mary in the month of May

For centuries, the Catholic Church has set aside the entire month of Mary to honour Mary, Mother of God. Not just a day in May, but the entire month.

It is common for parishes to recite the Rosary on a daily basis during May, and many erect a special May altar with a statue or picture of Mary as a reminder of Mary’s month. Additionally, it is a long-standing tradition to crown the statue of Mary during May – a custom known as May Crowning. Often, the crown is made of beautiful blossoms representing Mary’s beauty and virtue. It is also a reminder to the faithful to strive to imitate our Blessed Mother’s virtue in our own lives. May Crowning, in some areas, is a huge celebration and is usually done outside of Mass, although Mass may be celebrated before or after the actual crowning.

The Rosary

The Rosary is one of the most cherished prayers of our Catholic Church. Introduced by the Creed, the Our Father, three Hail Mary’s and the Glory Be, and concluding with the Save Regina, the Rosary involves the reciting of five decades consisting of the Our Father, 10 Hail Mary’s and the Glory Be. While reciting the decades, the individual meditates on the saving mysteries of Our Lord’s life and Mary’s devotion to her beloved Son. As we journey through the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, the individual brings to mind the Lord’s incarnation, His passion, death and His resurrection from the dead. In this way, the Rosary assists us to grow in deeper appreciation of these mysteries and helps us to live our lives closer to God.

Kathryn Alp – Assistant Principal

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From our Parish of Saints John & Paul

Please visit the Parish website for the latest information on weekend Masses.

Social Justice Group Plant Sale

At the end of this term, the Social Justice team will be holding a plant sale to raise money to buy food that the teachers will then cook and serve to the homeless in our community. If you have any plastic plant pots or milk cartons that you can donate for us to put plants in, it would be greatly appreciated. We would also be grateful for any plant cuttings. If you are able to help us, pots and plants can be dropped off at the year 4W classroom. The Social Justice group will take care of the plants until the plant sale. We will inform you of the specific date in the near future.

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Hello Orana Community,

I hope all the mums in Orana Community truly enjoyed the Mother’s Day Celebration last weekend. The committee and the volunteers have worked really hard to make the weekend a good celebration to mothers, grandmothers and all mother figures around us. There were two committees running in parallel to plan and run this event, the Mother’s Day Gift Stall and the Mother’s Day Breakfast, involving over 35 volunteers.

Looking back, I am really touched by all of the people who have volunteered their time, from the Mothers who made our Mother’s Day celebration possible and the Dads who came during the Mother’s Day Breakfast to help make the mothers feel special. Thank you also to our very own Orana students who helped out during the event. I feel really privileged to be a part of a community who lives by our motto – “To give is to receive”.

I would like to acknowledge Liana Waters for leading the Mother’s Day Stall, as well as Rebecca Johnston & Clarissa van der Heijden for leading the Mother’s Day Breakfast – I am really touched by your dedication to the community and giving up a lot of your personal time so that mothers can enjoy their day.

I would also like to acknowledge the special Dad helpers who have helped put together a new cupboard and drawers for the Science Room. These dads spend their Saturday putting together the furniture. Well done, Cory O’Kane and his band of merry men in getting this job done. We are really happy to be able to help out Rebekah Hogan, our Science teacher with her classroom facilities. If your children are taking a liking to science, these valuable volunteers may have made a tiny contribution to it.

The P&F meeting was held last Tuesday, 11th May 2021, where we discussed our upcoming events and thought of ways we can contribute to our Orana Catholic Primary School. If you want to get involved, please plan to attend our upcoming meeting on Wednesday, 2nd June 2021 at 6pm, in the school library.

Please look out for our next event, the Colour Fun Run, which will run on Tuesday 25th May 2021. We still need volunteers to ensure the event runs smoothly, ensuring that our children enjoy their time and safety of everyone involved. If you are available and keen to get involved, please register your name in the following linkhttps://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/Nn8tHEUf#/0

If you haven’t register your child, please go to https://www.schoolfunrun.com.au/

Thank you so much for a wonderful week, Orana!

Colour Run - 25 May

Have you completed your child’s online profile yet for their Colour Run Fundraising? Please register and set up a profile for each of your children. To register your child, please go to https://www.schoolfunrun.com.au/

This year, we have an Orana Colour Run t-shirt available for purchase, or you are welcome to provide your own white t-shirt for the children to run in. The Orana Colour Run t-shirt can now be purchased from the online P&F shop for $7.95 via this link: https://bit.ly/34PMgAM

Next P&F Meeting

The next meeting is on the 2nd June in the Library at 6:00pm. Please join us as we discuss various school community topics and plan the forthcoming events for the year.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Your Orana P&F Exec Team


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Social Worker News

Dealing with your Drama Llama

Have you heard this before (or something just like it)?

• “He ALWAYS gets to go in the front!”

• “She’s the WORST friend ever!”

• “No one EVER lets me pick the game!”

This might be your clue that a Drama Llama is hiding in your home.

Have you heard these – and the thousands of variations coming from your young person? Let’s get really clear, a Drama Llama is no amateur when it comes to theatrics. Eye rolling, hair flicking, jutted shoulder and that tone – all of which scream, “Life is just not fair!”


Kath Warburton

Social Worker

Grounds / Maintenance News

Families with trade businesses that would like to quote on potential jobs at school, please drop a business card into Administration or contact Paul Hadley on Paul.Hadley@cewa.edu.au or Administration on admin@orana.wa.edu.au

School Banking

School Banking day is Wednesday. Please bring bank books to the office each Wednesday morning. We are not able to securely store personal bank books, so they must be brought in every Wednesday and will be returned on Wednesday afternoon.

2021 Professional Development Days Reminder

The following dates are pupil free days for 2021. For your future planning OSHC will offer a full day program on these dates.

Monday 19th July - Future Focussed Learning Professional Development

Friday 24th September – Catholic Day

Monday 11th October – Data Analysis Professional Development and Wellbeing Session

The Week That Was!