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How was your experience at Rutgers Engineering Day?

By: Geovanny Jimenez and Cindy Carraso

Edited by: Franciny Diaz

Many students had the opportunity to visit Rutgers University Livingston Campus on Wednesday, February 23, 2022, to tour the magnificent campus. This was a field trip for 6-8th grade students interested in engineering who wanted to see the campus to see if they would like to attend Rutgers. The students who attended had a fantastic time and believe that Rutgers will be one of their top choices when it comes to selecting a college. I had the chance to speak with a student who attended the Rutgers Livingston Campus and Counselor Cruz who organized the trip.

I had the opportunity to interview Ms.Cruz and one of the students who attended the Rutgers Livingston Campus. Here is what Counselor Cruz had to say about Rutgers Engineering Day, “Mr. Santos was an alumnus of Rutgers and Mr.Mugica and he mentioned that in the past the students went to Rutgers. As a Result, I contacted Shareena who is the coordinator and asked her if DLS can participate. Jasmin Rosa helped with the transportation department! Shareena was a great help and welcomed us with open arms! The students were able to get a small tour around certain areas of Rutgers, meet professionals who work for different engineering fields and meet students who are studying to be engineers. The students who went are interested in pursuing a future career in engineering. I hope to continue this next year!” Counselor Cruz sounds like she had a wonderful experience and would like for more students in DLS to experience what she and the students who attended experienced. Cindy had the opportunity to interview one of the students on what activities they worked on, “When we first got to the campus we were all gathered into a room and we were given a bag full of materials such as a lunch box, flash drive etc. Then we greeted each other and learned about the history of the campus, we worked on a team building exercises where we had tasks and challenges to complete, one challenge was building the biggest tower using marshmallows, raw spaghetti and tape, our team lost to one of the other groups as their tower was 22 inches tall and ours was 19 inches tall, we then went to the Busch Dining Hall to eat lunch they had pizza and Panera, it was amazing.” We can see that they really enjoyed their experience and they had lots of fun together. To conclude on the trip they discussed engineering, careers and majors provided. It’s never too early to start planning for college!