Central African Republic

Culture of Central African Republic

The People

Half the people here live in small towns and villages. The national language spoken in the Central African Republic is Sango ,but they also have French as the offical language. Christianity is practiced by half the population. Central Africans are very friendly, welcoming, loyal, and gentle. They take pride in being clean and well dressed.

Customs and Courtesies

The people of Central African Republic consider a handshake a proper way to greet someone in formal or social settings. Visiting is a very popular way to spend whatever free time you have. Friends of the same age and gender hold hands while walking. During mealtime it is common to see children sitting on the ground or low stools to eat. The general way to eat is with your hands.


Many homes have the extended family living under the same roof. Families often seem bigger because the men normally have more than one wife or girlfriend at the same time. Weddings in this area can last many days. Lunch is considered the main meal of the day. Dinner normally consits on fruits and leftovers. Recreations are mainly for the men and boys of this country. Basketball, soccer, handball, and track-and-field are some of the popular recreation activities. Music is a important aspect to Central Africans.


The president has the most power here. 105 people are elected for a five-year term on the National Assembly. Most people in this society are subsistence farmers. A common way of tarvel is the taxi brousse. If people are only going a short distance many of them walk on foot. Children begin school at age seven and attendance is mandortory. Only about ten percent of kids go on to secondary school. Central African Republic lacks good healthcare. Although the healthcare professionals are very dedicated but underpaid. Women often have children in their late teens. Many of these children die during childbirth.