My personal Creed

Avery Quarles


My special destiny is to become a surgeon and to become a volleyball player on the varsity volleyball team. I hope to become the lebro on the team so i can get the ball up and watch my victory and the great feeling of my victory of making a great pass to the setter then to the hitter, which then makes a point with the hit that she makes. My purpose in life is to make a difference in the world of science. i hope to be the best doctor that i can be.


Life is short. You have to make the most of life and do what you believe in and do it all!!! You can't be afraid to do something, you have to be confident in your self.

Serving the World Today

I see the world kind of falling apart. People are falling apart by violence. But also there are people helping in this world by making new things and discovering thing, and being kind. I think that working hard is the best thing that you can do. Just try your hardest and if you fail, it will be ok, because you just have to remember that you tried your hardest and that is the best thing you can do. I hope to make a difference by becoming a doctor and discovering something new make that difference.