Overall Recap about me

By clayton McDaniel


although I use both left and right sides of my Brain depending on thought proccess neccessary ,I'am most comfortable using the left side of my brain. that means that I'm intelecual,logical,responsible,problem solving ,realistic,detailed,and have high standards I have structure,organization,statisticts ,formulas,books ,science ,mathmatics. although I need more creativity,color.
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Decision making

Directive style

when making a decision I tend to follow the directive style. people with that decision making style are focusing on task and details ,considers facts,rules,anf procedures,aquires information through hunches,has a low tolerance for uncertainty, others sometimes percieve my decision making as rigid,impersonal,simplistic,autocratic, the best organization fit for me is structure,goal oriented,power and authority are important.

motivation, team ,stress scores

motivation score:80 witch is mostly positive attitude

team: Directive choice:2

supporter chioce :5

Analyzer chioce :6

creator chioce : 1

stress:63 need to lower stress !

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# 1 Green

If I have a green personality. That means I'm a planner, I listen for material that will solve a problem,tunes out trivia.to the piont,logical,facts, thinks before speaking,hates small talk,failure,and being wrong publicly

#2 gold

I focus on main details, direct and straight foward,prefers to write what frustates me is rule breakers,wasteing time,and laziness

the rest of my personality

#3 blue

loyal thinks of others focus on more than words personal hates negativity and rudeness

#4 orange

facts paced looks for entertainment and hates slow pace