W.R.R and the Greensboro 4


WIlmington Race Riots

It all began with the African Americans in charge. Which is always a problem for us whites right? The war between whites and blacks seemed to never end until this happened. Everything was made equal. Everyone had their rights. When the white Democrats lost control of state politics. A group of predominately white Populists and African American Republicans won political control of the state.

Greensboro 4

Never have they ever had the right to sit down and eat. This was about to change when the greensboro 4 came in one day. They had sitten down at the counter to be served where the black was not served at, but the white. They had been refused service. The left that night when they closed. But the next day they came back with 25 more African Americans to eat at the counter were they wasn't served yet again. They had called the police, but technically they wasn't breaking any laws therefor the could not have been removed. That then caused a chain reaction, people all over started doing that even in different places. The boys was freshman in college.