The Fredonian Rebellion

By: David, Ruben and Garrett


The Fredonian Rebellion is the first act of Texas to get independence from Mexico led by Haden Edwards. This took place in 1826. The picture on the right is the flag of the Rebellion.

Who is Hayden Edwards?

Haden Edwards was an empresairo who won a contract in 1825 to bring 800 families to an area near Nacogdoches. Mexican leaders told him that there were already settlers living in the area. Haden ignored them and told the settlers already living in the area they had to prove it was their land and if they didn't, they would have to pay for the land. Most of the settlers objected.


The Fredonian Rebellion started in December 21, 1826. At this time Haden Edwards had tried to secede from Mexico, but soon failed in January 23 1827. On January 31st 1827, 100 Mexican soldiers, and some militiamen from Stephen Austin's colony cleared Nacogdoches of Edwards and his supporters.

The Republic of Fredonia

On December 16, 1826, Haden Edwards and a small group of armed men went to Nacogdoches and said it the independent Republic of Fredonia. He wanted half the land for the natives and the rest for everyone else. The Mexican leaders thought that Hayden and his brother, Benjamin, did not respect them, and that they took all the power to themselves. He was later forced to leave Texas when the Mexican army came to put out the rebellion, but did not come back till the Texas Revolution.


This happened because the Mexicans thought that Hayden was a their and took all the power to himself and did not respect them. Another cause of why this happened was that Haden was power-hungry, and thought Texas should be an independent country.

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Fredonian Rebellion


This resulted in Mexicans kicking out Haden and making him forced to leave, and it resulted in Mexico believing that the U.S caused the rebellion in hopes of claiming Texas. To most historians the Fredonian Rebellion was the first act of Texas Independence.