What's Your FIT?

Yeah- We Got That...

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5 Key Challenges To Get Ready For Starting January 19th:

-Annual (it will take all year to get it done):

1. The Body Age Challenge: How many years can you add to your life by reducing your body age in 2015?

2. Wellness Bucket List: Can you complete all of the top 20 wellness items on your bucket list in 2015?

-Spring Semester (Q1):

3. The Step It Up Challenge: Can you conquer all 10 destination points from around the world in 10 weeks?

4. The Eat This, Not That Challenge: A 10 week nutrition specific challenge, complete with a food journal and weekly scorecards.

5. The Truth Or Dare Challenge: Every day (M-F) for 10 weeks you will receive a truth or a dare for that day. Will you accept your daily dose of truth and/or complete your dare?

Various prizes for the challenges, but all challenges will certainly earn you a T-shirt! Stay tuned for further details and officially sign up for all challenges during the Coliseum Open House Wednesday, January 14th!

Leaders: Get your teams involved and feel free to add your own incentives to these challenges!

Other specialized FIT Groups happening Q1 2015:

  • Chiseled challenge for Men
  • Couch to 5k
  • Run Team
  • Triathlon Team Training
  • Clean Eating Club
  • Jackson Basketball Team
  • Group Class Junkies
  • Walleyball Wednesdays
  • And more…

Where Will You FIT In?

How people define health and fitness and what motives them toward a healthy goal is relative.

We have the basics of eating clean, exercising and de-stressing, but what do those inroads look like? What exact measures do we use to obtain our own versions of health? And how can we apply those to our life at work?

That's where F.I.T. Groups come into play. It's about 3 key elements:

Fun | Interactive | Training

It's been said the best place to fit in is the one where what you do matches who are you. Fitness is no different. It should be interested based, challenging, interactive and fun! One of the goals for FIT Groups is to create a program where you are part of the planning and leadership process. Netflix claims they give you what you want when you want it. We have the same idea for your wellness. If you are into tennis, start up a Jackson tennis league. If you love obstacle races, become an organizer for quarterly races. We will help with the training plans. Have a heart and mind for leading small groups, the non-sweaty encouraging kind? Let's start your mental fit group. I'm sure you are picking up what I'm laying down...

  • What do you enjoy doing that burns calories too?
  • What do you do as a stress relief that could be done at work?
  • What have you really been wanting to start that others would jump in on?
  • What are you passionate about that improves your quality of life?
  • Are you looking for connection points with other associates?

Then you are a prime candidate to lead a FIT Group! Lead or participate, either way, let's do this!

"Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase."

Joseph Pilates
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