Tulsa Testing Updates


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MAP/MPG Testing

We have completed three days of MAP testing. We had a slight hiccup on Tuesday, late morning. However, NWEA was able to correct the issue on their end and testing resumed in the afternoon. As a result, we are extending the MAP testing window by one day. The last day for MAP testing will be September 24th.

Remember, the MAP Administration website should be used for proctoring, test scheduling, and viewing reports. Teachers will log in with their TPS email address (5x2@tulsaschools.org). If teachers do not know their password, click on Forgot Username/Password. New teachers may need the PROCTOR role added to their profile. If teachers do not have the option to MANAGE TEST SESSIONS, please email Erin to get this role added.

If you have students who are not showing on the MAP system in your school, they may be enrolled at another school or without a class term. Building Test Coordinators should be able to make class changes within their school, however, if you need a student moved from another site, please email Erin or Becky and we can make the move on MAP for you.

MAP Resources for setting up tests, viewing reports, etc are available on the TPS Curriculum and Instruction website. Please check these out and share with your teachers!

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Promoting Retained 3rd Graders

Any retained 3rd grade student who scores at or above 186 on the MAP test may be promoted to 4th grade through an RSA Exemption. If you have any students who qualify for this exemption, please email Erin the student names, ID, and MAP score.

Additionally, if your school's reading team determines a student should have a probation promotion to 4th grade, please complete the promotion paper work and submit it to the Assessment Office to promote students to 4th grade. All promotions must be made by November 1.

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ACT EXPLORE-- 8th Grade

For all traditional 8th grade sites, there should be a box with the EXPLORE tests at your site. Please make sure to locate the testing materials and store them in a secure place. We will be administering the EXPLORE test October 5-9. Student pre-ID labels for the tests will be delivered to your school during the end of September.

If you have never administered the EXPLORE test, please make sure to read through the Test Supervisor's Packet in the top of the EXPLORE box. The Supervisor's Manual contains the directions to administering the EXPLORE.

Here are some essential components to ensuring your staff and students are prepared for success:

  • Create a schedule to allow approx. 3 hours for the total administration of the test, as it is a timed test. The EXPLORE may be administered over a 1 or 2 day period. Check with your site leadership team to determine the best administration for your students.
  • Train the Test Administrators-- provide copies of instructions and testing schedule.
  • Ensure a Proctor is scheduled with each Test Administrator. If a session will have 26 or more students in a room, a Proctor is required (EXPLORE Manual, page 4).
  • Collaborate with SPED and ELL teachers to ensure allowable accommodations are provided.
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ASPIRE for 10th Grade

ACT ASPIRE coordinators should have received an invitation to join the ASPIRE PORTAL. Please activate your ASPIRE account so you will have access to the portal. My next step will be to upload testing 10th graders to the Portal next week.

Additionally, I need you to please provide me with a list of any students at your site who need a paper-based test. These students must have the paper test accommodation in their IEP and unable to access online tests in any capacity.

You will want to start to gather the testing accommodations for students served on an IEP, 504, or ELL program. We will have to submit these accommodations to ACT prior to the test administration.

You may find it beneficial to download the ASPIRE manuals here to view prior to our meeting on September 15, at 9AM at the Enrollment Center next week. ACT ASPIRE has a website dedicated to training tools you may want to explore, too.

ACT During the Day for 11th and 12th Grade

The FREE day for Juniors to take the ACT will not be available until the Spring. Juniors and Seniors participating in the Fall ACT during the school day administration on September 29th must pay for the test.

If Juniors who have already submitted payment wish to receive a refund for the fall ACT, the reimbursement will be processed through the school's Student Activity Fund Treasurer.

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The 2015 date for establishing Full Academic Year (FAY) is SEPTEMBER 17th. Students who are not enrolled at your school on this date will NOT be considered FAY. This means that if a student is suspended or absent on this date, they will be Non-Full Academic Year (NFAY).

Please share this information with your building administration team.

Final Spring Reports- OCCT/EOI

The final Spring Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test (OCCT) Reports will be available in the reporting component of the Measured Progress OCCT Portal on August 24th. The reporting component generates reports on student data that is available to you. Please refer to page 44 of the OCCT Portal User Guide for specific information. Parent Reports, Student labels, and DVDs will be shipped to the districts during the week of September 21st.

If you are unable to log in to Measured Progress, please let Erin know so you can have access to your school information.

2015-16 Testing Calendar

The District Testing Calendar is completed! You can check it out here to view all of the district and state testing dates.

Important Dates

Aug 20-Sept 11 SRI Window (Grades 3-10; Elementary/MS/JH/HS)

Aug 20-Sept 11 SMI Window (Grades 4-8)

Aug 20-Sept 11 iRead Screener Window (Kindergarten and new students in Grades 1-2)

Aug 20-Sept 25 PreK ECI Assessment Window

Sept 15 ACT ASPIRE meeting for High School BTCs (10th grades only)-- Enrollment Center, 9AM

Sept 25 PreK Inventory Deadline

Sept 29 ACT During the School Day (participating High Schools)

Oct 5-9 EXPLORE Test for 8th graders

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