Emotional and Social

Development of Preschoolers

Socail Emotional Development: includes the child's experience, expression, and management of emotions and the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with others

Milestones for the ages:

Each age has its milestones or developmental skills a child should know.
Ages 3-4:
  • share toys or take turns with other children
  • initiate activities with other children
  • follow simple rules
  • might be bossy and defiant
  • become less egocentric
Ages 4-5:
  • show moral reasoning
  • develop friendships
  • awareness of peoples feelings
  • stick to difficult tasks longer
  • enjoy playing games

Red flags:

Some children do not develop as fast as others. Here are some red flags yous should look out for.
Age 4-5:
  • will not initiate play with others
  • is not able to share
  • dependent on caregivers for everything
  • rigid with routines, hates change
  • separation anxiety
  • passive on new things
  • extreme fears that deal with daily activities

Activties to promote development:

There are some activities that will promote development for children.
For example art projects are a great option, it is a creative outlet for all children. Also if you want to make the children work in a group it can also be a social activity.
Another option is dramatic play. They use both verbal and nonverbal communication. They also learn to appreciate others feelings.
Simple games a alternative. Games that require them to take turns develops them socially.

What to do if your child is not devolping

  • be a model
  • keep in mind early emotional experiences
  • keep structure in play
  • be attentive

Sites you can refrence:

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