by: Shae Ripple and Jordyn Rangel

Ellen should come to our school

"AHHH, its Ellen Degenres!" These are the screaming fan of Ellen. She has a lot of fans all over the world, imagine if she came to our school! That would be AMAZING!!! We think that Ellen should come to our school as our celebrity guest speaker.

People would pay more attention:

Dont you hate it when kids and sometimes adults fall asleep, because of their boring speaker? kids would pay more attention to her because she doesnt talk about boring things that just leave a crowd sound like crickets in the night! If they pay more attention to her they could take her seriously if she is telling them not to do drugs or quit/drop out of school.
Stuck in an Elevator

Ellen is really entergetic

Ellen will keep the crowd of students and staff and or parents going, students want a person who keeps them focused so they can have fun and listen to. If you want fun thats the description of her. She keeps on moving and never stops till the end, and doesn't get boring,when she is talking she either gets funnier or stays the same but NEVER boring.

Ellen LOVES kids!

Elle nabsolutley loves kids, and sometimes she even acts like one! She not only loves Kids but she understands them. She also explains to kids that, "Somtimes the greatest things are the most emberasing. By that quote i can state that she can turn a bad sutuation into a good one.


Ellen is Famous, energetic loves kids , and understands them. Those traits make her a 3 in 1. That makes her the perfect guest speaker for our school. We think that Ellen should be our guest speaker because she is the kind of speakers kids/students want!